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Surya SEcondary Boarding School has been established by Mr. Narayan Shrestha and his wife Mrs Sreejana Shrestha aimed at providing good quality education to the students in this remote part of the country . Mr. Narayan Shrestha was born in the village of Khandbari  in Nepal and later Migrated to the US in early seventies , is now a resident of Superior , Colorado , USA. During his visit back to Nepal in 1986, Mr. Narayan Shrestha noticed the deteriorating condition of education in his home village . this gave him an inspiration to establish a school for the children of his village. As a result, he founded SuryaSecondary Boarding School in the year 1989 A.D. and named after his father. The journey of SuryaSecondary Boarding began with 2 rooms rented in a house with 2 teachers and 35 students . At present, it boats a total of 750 students, 53  teachers and staff, and educates children up to grade 12 with 100 percent successful result every year . Ever since our inception , we have been prepared to broaden our horizons . The venture , Which started with 2 rooms, now has 72 acres of land of its own and also has fine building s with science and computer labs.

Our journey continues . The school holds the goals of providing morden facilities to the children of this district like in the advanced cities.it plans to build up more building s for class rooms, labs, library and residence . it also has plans to build up a good playground, swimming pool and other sports facilities. It aims to be a center for higher education in science, agriculture and information technology in the future.


 About a month before the opening of the academic session, we open admission for all the levels . Documents required for enrollment:

  • 2 copies of pp size photographs.
  • photocopy of DOB certificate.
  • photocopy of last school result.
  • Original transfer certificate from last school.
  • Any other documents as informed during the enrollment.

parents / Guardians /Visitors can communicate with us at Surya Boarding School by writing to us or sending e-mail , faxes or calling our reception.