Code of conduct and shared values

Code of conduct and shared values

Punctuality and Attendance

  1. All the students present themselves in the morning assembly before the classes.
  2. All the students are required to be regular in attendance. A minimum of 95% attendance is required in order to attend the final examination.
  3. Except in the case of illness or emergency and unforeseen circumstances, the student is expected to be present. In the case of illness, extending over 3 days, a copy of prescription will have to be submitted to the class teacher or block-in-charge.
  4. For absences, a written explanation has to be submitted to the class teacher or block-in charge.
  5. Prior permission for leave must be obtained for any other valid reason not falling under the category of an emergency. The lessons or assignment missed in such a case will be sole responsibility of the student.



  1. All the students are expected to show exemplary behavior at all times within as well as outside outside the school premises. All the students will be accountable to the school authorities for their conduct.
  2. Students found possessing or using tobacco, cigarettes, intoxicants are dismissed from the school within immediate effect.
  3. Students found bullying, borrowing money, using offensive/vulgar and abusive language, deliberately disfiguring or damaging school property will face strong disciplinary action from school authorities.
  4. Students are strictly prohibited from bringing mobile phones or electronic gadgets or accessories. It will be seized/confiscated.
  5. Food and drink are not permitted in the classroom.
  6. Surya Secondary Boarding School is a chewing gum free zone, plastic bag free zone, smoking-free zone.
  7. In order to maintain the cleanliness of the school/college campus, students may not litter the campus.
  8. Students are expected to take care of their belongings. The school is not responsible for loss of personal belongings.


Dress-Code and ID cards

  1. Students are expected to dress modestly. Short pants, miniskirts, jeans (any color), sleeveless shirts/t-shirts and tight pants are prohibited.
  2. Students should have neat and tidy haircuts – using hair color is prohibited.
  3. A student displaying body tattoos will not be allowed inside the school campus.
  4. It is mandatory that the students carry on them their ID cards all the time. The ID card is to be checked during Morning Assembly strictly.


Notices, Assignments and Examinations

  1. Students who fail for two consecutive years in the same class will be issued a Transfer Certificate.
  2. Class schedules and any additional information/updates are posted on the campus notice boards. Students are also expected to check the school website
  3. Failure to submit the required assignments, tutorials, practicals, etc. will result in warnings being given to the students.
  4. No student should be absent from the terminal examinations without the written permission of the principal.


Parents’ Meet

  1. A common teacher-parents’ meet will be conducted at least twice per year. It is mandatory for at least one of the parents to be present at these meetings.
  2. Parents can meet individual faculty during working days with an appointment made with the principal, section in-charge or administrative officer.