History and Expansion


History and Expansion

Surya secondary Boarding School started with 35 preschoolers and 2 teachers. The demand grew and one class /grade level was added every year though the earnings of  Mr. and  Mrs. Shrestha, who sent US dollar 8.00 to US dollar 20.000 for year.this meant Mr. shrestha had to pave the path for well  – trained teachers as well as better students. he created to obtain a scholarship endowment fund to his school to obtain freeship education with his vision to help students to educate with better education never became impossible in his mind therefore, he continued to bring external education tools, knowledge to the school form the united states and other development countries his vision is also to train the teacher to educate better to the students so that the students will be the one who ultimately so bring the changes in the community and the villages. he believes that his mission, vision and goal to make a will disciplined society and honest environment with in the villages will actually change the atmosphere of the country. Keeping the political away from the educational institution has been the main focus. and the students will stay honest and truthful for rest of their lives.

Therefore, he started Montessori Education system at Surya Secondary Boarding School since 2016 and with this project he finally believers that is vision and goal actual beings since now with the help of such extra ordinary education system so, Surya Secondary  Boarding school has been sending teachers to obtain better training in the united states of America about Montessori education system- so far we have already sent two teachers and has plan to continue such projects each year one teacher per year to the united states of America for one year teachers training. surya secondary Boarding school has 100 acres of land with a one of a kind and beautiful 8 buildings, housing and cafeteria facilities with 900 students from pre-schoolers to grade XII.

The school actually has been teaching its home community and neighbouring villages the value and importance of quality education. this school was the first English based school ever opened in the mountain region of Nepal Before the birth of Surya secondary Boarding school, the village didn’t have anything like this. After the opening of Surya secondary Boarding School, about 35or more new English based schools have been established in the mountain region of Nepal.

The next step is make surya Secondary  Boarding school a college accredited by Tribhuvan University. Education and ation and Business courses of study will be provided

We are very proud to say that 30 alumni are already in the United States working as doctors, nurses, engineers, and business people. This school has never failed their exams. we are proud to provide scholarship to those who cannot afford to go to our school but are talented we don’t have a policy of discrimination.

In the very near future, surya secondary Boarding school will have its own FM music rdio station, museum hall and its own drinking mineral water plant. the FM radio will provide educational programs not only to our students but all other students of all other schools in the area.