Scholarship and Awards

Scholarship and Awards

We offer a number of scholarships and awards to gifted students and students coming from economically deprived sections of society . The following Scholarship Programmes have been launched at present:

Internal Scholarship Scheme :

The Students of different grades are eligible to fill up form for internal scholarship every year in the month of Baishak. Grade toppers, Staffs’ child, talent Students, Dalits, Janajatis, Girls, disabled, orphans and helpless children are likely to receive this scholarship for a year. Every year, about 25 to 30 percent students receive this scholarship.

Surya Scholarship Programme:

A scholarship program  had been established with the superior Elementary  school community in Boulder in USA in  order to support literacy for nursery/kindergarten through grade 10 students in the village and surrounding areas of Khandbari , Nepal. The primary objective of this program is to provide a quality education to the poorest children who would be deprived of getting educational opportunities because of financial difficulties. when a donation is made to scholarship a students, it will be deposited in a local Colorado bank. Donors may request to sponsor a particular child  (example: a 4th grade girl). Helping hands Health Education , Boulder will coordinate with the administration of the Surya Boarding School to select a child to be the recipient of this donation . The scholarship will cover the costs of school fees, school uniforms, books and supplies . you will receive a confirmation letter from the child you sponsor as well as academic progress performance evaluations from time to time if you would like to sponsor a child at the Surya Boarding  School in Khandbari , Nepal please fell free to contact the superior elementary school at (303) 543-9330 or Helping hands at (303) 448-1811 or email at or

Sreejana Scholarship Programme:

A Scholarship program has been launched in 2018 A.D. by the respected founder member Mrs Sreejana Shrestha. It is given to the topper boys and girls of grade 11 and 12 from the interest of fixed deposit in Sanima Bank Ltd. Khandbari.

Talent Centralization Scholarship Scheme:

We also invite the talented students from all the schools of the district to join Surya Boarding School for free education every year. First, Second and Third place students from other schools, are eligible to fill up form for this scheme. They have to secure 75 percent marks in entrance exam taken by the school to receive this scholarship. The facility is continued if they continuously secure 75 percent above marks.