Message from the Principal


Message from the Principal

I extend a warm welcome to Surya Secondary Boarding School and I hope you take an opportunity not only to engage with our website and digital presentation, but also, to make a more personal and individualized contact with me and the Surya Secondary Boarding School family in order to get overall information for your children.

The Surya Secondary Boarding School is a leading co-educational secondary school located in eastern Nepal in the town of Khandbari – 1,Sankhuwasabha District.  Our school is the first and only private level secondary school that runs classes though grade 12 in the district.  We have more than 900 students, 42 specialized teachers, and 12 administration staff.

The choice of a secondary school for your son or daughter needs to be a carefully considered decision.  I personally assure you the Surya Secondary Boarding School is an outstanding school, with nationally significant points of difference in all academic, cultural and sporting areas.

In addition to the foregoing, our school has values for life in education, health, art, and beauty through our arms of learning, Integrity, fellowship, and excellence for a balanced and caring education.  We always offer these features to our students.  Moreover, Surya Secondary Boarding School lives with this motto: “Ever Better, Better More”. We are committed to provide our students, community, and staff with every opportunity to engage in learning for life and a passion for being the best.

Surya Secondary Boarding School is committed to the goals of providing better education for the following life priorities:

At our school we recognize that education is an individualized journey of the mind, body and character that enables every individual to compete in the outside world. Recognition of each child and championing his personal success helps to build a strong community connection and positive relationships.

Students at Surya Secondary Boarding School enjoy all the advantages associated with attending a large secondary school – a diverse range of educational opportunities, access to our dedicated and well-qualified teachers, a fully inclusive and welcoming learning environment.  Students benefit from the personalized learning that occurs in all classes. I offer to all the parents an opportunity to visit and engage in all activities of the school. Parental engagement builds a relational connection with teachers and classes that benefits your child’s learning, growth, and overall personality development.

We believe student success is built around four sides –the strongest, most respectful, most confident, and most committed arms of:

Each of them is dependent on another and, has a central focus, we maintain that the students’ success is the most important goal for all school endeavors.

Thank you for looking through our school site. I urge you to make contact and help us organize a tour of our beautiful school and meet our fabulous students, staff and family.

You are always welcome to visit our school and meet with me at any time.

Tirtha Raj Panta, Principal
Office: +977029560233/330
Mobile: 9852051940/ 9742060555